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The World Builder’s Journal

The World Builder’s Journal

For Christmas in 2020, I got a wonderful present of both Dungeons and Dragon’s World Builder’s Journal and The Book of Holding [Which is the best name for a “magical” item ever] which you can get on Amazon Here by clicking on the pictures! (These are affiliate links!)

Using these devices I plan on working on both telling the stories of campaigns and characters I’ve played, but also about worlds I haven’t had the chance to tell their stories. Between the magical lands that haven’t seen a new person in 5000 years, to the dark streets of an abandoned small town in New England, there are so many stories for me to tell.

And these books are going to be my guide a bit into 2021. This post is not only to help me set up the technical behind the scenes work into making this possible, but also to share my tools of the trade with everyone!

Sometimes I use just a plain old composition book, and a pen. Othertimes, I go and find a journal that matches my character(s) mindset. And I cannot wait to share all of this with you!