In October and November, I lost my ability to write, draw, cook, or do anything that involved the space between my thumb and index finger.

The area had developed scar tissue from using the Microsoft Surface pen, and while it sucks, it’s what happens. I’m still paying off hospital bills and waiting for my insurance to say if I’m covered (been waiting 3 months, and the hospital is being very friendly about the delay and hasn’t been charging me extra)

I left work early yesterday because of how much like garbage I was feeling. I was coughing, feeling warm, and muscle aches. πŸ™

After taking a 3-hour nap (which I don’t think counts as a nap past the 1-hour point) I decided I would try to draw my backup character for Vampire the Masquerade.

I haven’t decided if she’s going to be a Ventrue or Giovanni Hecata, but she’s a Casino owner in Vegas (which is Giovanni territory) and someone who runs a gambling parlor where you can bet anything.

Drawn with a Pilot G2 Pen and a series of Alcohol-based markers

As you can see I need a LOT of practice, the original pencil lineart actually looked ok-ish, but translating it to a colored image was my downfall! πŸ™

The scanner I own also didn’t help, but it’s what I have. I know I still have a long way to go before I can perfect traditional marker art again.

My second drawing was done today, a topless nude of one of my Dungeons and Dragons characters, I wanted to try a new program that I got (Clip Studio) and I am having a lot of fun relearning the new technology.

I wanted to keep the rough lineart that was created throughout the layers and colored it in using a digital watercolor brush.

I did end up censoring the female-presenting nipple for posting to social media, and I sort of like this version better than the NSFW one.

I found myself proud of the face more then the body, I’m used to drawing things with clothing, so to draw something without the flow of clothing sort of felt strange to me.

I’ll try to post my drawings as I do them, and continue to find ways to improve!