Hello Patreons! You’re viewing the first ever EXCLUSIVE POST!


Here I will be detailing all the things I do and require to create one of my custom RPG books that I currently sell on my Etsy Store.

I. Materials

Today’s example is a brand new D&D 5E Player’s Handbook, Shaun and I already have 2 copies but they are first edition.
The First Step is to use Frog Tape to safely seal off the page sides from being painted on. D&D pages don’t enjoy being protected, so a new method of protection does need to be discovered/
Next step is to spray a base coat, this would also be the time where any gradients would be added, the paints mix and blend best when wet.
While the book is drying, we have to 3D print any embellishments (I’ll be doing a post at a later time about the process of creating these models!)
Once the embelishments are printed, we need to paint them.
After everything is dried for at least an hour, we bring things in if the weather is going to be poor.
Sometimes you’ve gotta work at night!

And there we have it! All the steps that go into a custom RPG Book (minus the steps of 3D modeling, Printing and Troubleshooting! But that will be the next Patreon Exclusive post!)

I hope you all enjoyed reading the steps! And if you’d like your own custom book, my Etsy Shop is still taking Comissions!!!