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Creating a Customized RPG Book

Hello Patreons! You’re viewing the first ever EXCLUSIVE POST! Congrats Here I will be detailing all the things I do and require to create one of my custom RPG books that I currently sell on my Etsy Store. I. Materials And there we have it! All the steps that go into a custom RPG Book […]

Vitreous Part 1

It was an interesting time, interviewing this unknown fledgling. She was found by a group of almost mercenary kindred. They donโ€™t seem to follow the same methods and models of either of the sides in this soiree. Could they have been remnants of the third that was decimated by hunters? This fledgling doesnโ€™t know of […]

Bleed in Roles

Hello Superstars, Today I am writing about bleed in roleplaying games, whether it be table-top games, role-playing games, or LARPing. Bleed can make or break your out of game (OOG) or in-game (IG) experience. Bleed is a term for when emotions, feelings, or confrontation IG or OOG meld from one game to another. It bleeds […]