Hi everyone,

Sorry for not being on much these past few months. I’ve been busy with so much in life, and everytime I go to sit down and write, I never find the words to say.

2020 was supposed to be my year of writing, and while I have done plenty of that in roleplays and writing up documents for work, I feel like I’m letting myself down.

I’ve been trying my best to keep my head above the water of feeling like garbage, but my disorders have made things feel grey lately.

That grey feeling when the world loses all its color, and invasive thoughts permeate.

I do have some writing projects lined up, and some reviews (including Fall of London and Cults of the Blood Gods from Vampire the Masquerade) and I want to push myself to get back onto the college studying track.

Wish me the best, and I’ll do my best to update you with more posts.