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Boston by Night, Season 2 Teaser

The time for a new era of Kindred in Boston, has come to past. The old guard is stepping down. And whispers of selected Kindred rising up to the occasion have been heard.

No longer are our Elders maneuvering chess pieces on a board of blood and bodies. No longer are the Methuselahs walking the Earth. And the Antediluvians are sleeping beneath the ground.

The return of new clans, the Salubri, Tzimisce, the Ravnos… or perhaps, they were here the entire time.

The Week of Nightmares Echos, the Beckoning Follows… and whispers of vanishing Kindred grow louder and louder.

Is this Gehenna? Will the Kindred of today have to answer for the sins of the past? And what is this rumor about Thin-Bloods being able to become fully fledged Kindred?

The Hub of the Universe, Boston Massachusetts, is about to change.