Michelle C. Light

Storyteller, Writer, Roleplayer

About Me

  I am a Tabletop RPG enthusiast, with a passion for storytelling and character design. I have been writing and playing in LARP settings since 2014, and have been doing improv since 2013. CASTING CREDITS: Boston by Night- Storyteller 2020 – Ongoing [https://www.twitch.tv/theonyxpath] Changeling the Lost 2e Littlebrook Reunion Episodes 12-14- Guest Star [Caffeine]- 2020 […]

Creating a Customized RPG Book

Hello Patreons! You’re viewing the first ever EXCLUSIVE POST! Congrats Here I will be detailing all the things I do and require to create one of my custom RPG books that I currently sell on my Etsy Store. I. Materials And there we have it! All the steps that go into a custom RPG Book […]

How I am Handling Stay at Home

To be honest, I’m not doing well. Before when I used to live in my hometown, I would spend days just lying in bed all morning, only eating one meal a day, just be on my computer focused in my hobbies. And I thought that maybe, if I survived that, this would be the same. […]

Getting Back into Drawing

In October and November, I lost my ability to write, draw, cook, or do anything that involved the space between my thumb and index finger. The area had developed scar tissue from using the Microsoft Surface pen, and while it sucks, it’s what happens. I’m still paying off hospital bills and waiting for my insurance […]

Vitreous Part 1

It was an interesting time, interviewing this unknown fledgling. She was found by a group of almost mercenary kindred. They don’t seem to follow the same methods and models of either of the sides in this soiree. Could they have been remnants of the third that was decimated by hunters? This fledgling doesn’t know of […]

Burning Out

Hi everyone, Sorry for not being on much these past few months. I’ve been busy with so much in life, and everytime I go to sit down and write, I never find the words to say. 2020 was supposed to be my year of writing, and while I have done plenty of that in roleplays […]

MEDICAL UPDATE! 11/21/2019

So, doctors have found out what is wrong with my hand. My hand has developed scar tissue between the thumb and index finger, which causes me pain with any sort of pressure, including writing and drawing. I will have to go to therapy to fix this, and if that doesn’t work, it will require surgical […]