Hi everyone,

What is there to say about Ginger Vitae. She is a Toreador Kindred new to the Valley from New England, who along with her siblings, make up “The Spice Rack” coterie.

No one quite knows how old she is, or if Ginger is her real name. But she is 100% a character that I never expected to play.

She is hilarious, silly, bold, and someone that Kindred shouldn’t want to mess with. She always is looking for a party, and will make one herself if she can’t find one.

Those who know me, I am 100% shy and reserved, and I found getting myself into the role of Ginger to be a bit of a challenge.

She is a fashion model and I tried my best to create in-game photos of her.

Ginger Vitae’s “photoshoot” with Made-Up Make-Up magazine

She’s also a bit mean, and totally willing to throw shade at anyone who deserves it.

I ended up buying quite a few outfits for her, and wearing them sort of gave me a new confidence, so much so that I ended up using one of her dresses for a date night and got compliments. πŸ™‚

There’s also another character that I play named Ashleigh Friend (or A. Friend for short) who is a soft spoken, but a tiny bit crazy, Lasombra Assassin. She is very much a traditionalist and believes in the honor of her jobs.

She can also poison an entire city if she was up for it.

She was originally going to be an enemy for the Sabbat players, however she was pulled into a live game after my original character wasn’t able to do much for that game.

A. Friend and her traditional doll she uses to mark her kills
Who knew Lasombra’s could have one good photo?

I have a bunch of NPCs that I enjoy playing so much! I do hope to put together a gallery at some point of all of them.