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I am a Tabletop RPG enthusiast, with a passion for storytelling and character design. I have been writing and playing in LARP settings since 2014, with my first published work being 2020’s Battlelords of the 23rd Century’s Charlie Foxtrot Sourcebook [available on DriveThruRPG]

I’m also a storyteller, writing and storytelling The Onyx Path’s Boston by Night as part of their Twitch line of programming, as well as a collaborative production of “Let the Streets Run Red” with Vancouver By Night taking elements of pre-written Vampire the Masquerade V5 Material, and homebrew/original storytelling to tell stories of man and monsters.

I’ve also been acting/roleplaying since 2013, with my first regularly scheduled program being the Improv Show “You Can’t Be Serious” and the variety news show “The Mental Cast” in 2016 as well as appearing regularly on the video game let’s play channel “MVG Live”

I’ve been on various Tabletop RPG Streams, including The Onyx Path, Vorpal Tales, and Archives of the Dragon.